How To Take Off A Wetsuit In 30 Seconds

How To Take Off A Wetsuit In 30 Seconds

Time is of the essence when it comes to exiting the water and heading to transition 1 in a triathlon. If you’re wearing a wetsuit, it takes extra time to take it off. In this Whiteboard Wednesday, we show you how to take off a wetsuit in 30 seconds.

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Tips To Take Off Your Wetsuit In 30 Seconds

1. Open Velcro and Pull Zipper
– Start process while exiting the water
– Pull zipper straight down
2. Peel Arms
– Take off one shoulder at a time
– Pull past elbow, alternate arms
3. Pull Past Torso and Hips
– Use inside of wetsuit to pull down
– Take your time; big pulls
4. Pull Down Legs
– Step on wetsuit
– Alternating high knee movements
5. Take Off Completely
– Pull off one foot at a time
– Sit down if needed (after it’s below your torso and hips)

Bonus Tip: Step on towel at transition area

Wetsuit Tips

  • Wash the wetsuit with cold water
  • Leave hanging in shade, out of the sun 
  • Keep it in a mesh bag
  • Wash with wetsuit shampoos
  • Slow down when you take off the wetsuit, and don’t be lazy

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