How To Put On A Wetsuit For Triathlon And Open Water Swimming

How To Put On A Wetsuit For Triathlon And Open Water Swimming

In this Whiteboard Wednesday, we show you how to put on a wetsuit for your triathlon races and open water swim training or competitions.

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Tips To Put On Your Wetsuit

  1. Wetsuit prep: Make sure you’re wearing a triathlon suit, swimsuit or swim jammers. Use anti-chafing balm around your neck, wrists, ankles, etc. Also, ensure you’re completely dry.
  2. Unzip your wetsuit: Roll the top down to the waist, and ensure the zipper is on the back.
  3. Start with your feet: Line up the stitching to be in the right alignment, and put your foot in, one at a time. Pro Tip: Use a plastic bag to make it easier to get your foot in. Pull up to your thighs, and smooth the calves.
  4. Pull up to your waist: Pull up from the inside of the wetsuit as much as possible, and work out the rolls.
  5. Pull up over your hips: Get it over your butt, and smooth out the thighs.
  6. Insert your arms: One at a time, then smooth out the arms and chest.
  7. Stretch part 1: Lower body stretch, followed by smoothing out the fabric.
  8. Zip it up: There is a cord at the back, which is long enough to pull up yourself, or you can have someone help you.
  9. Lock it up: You’ll find velcro fasteners at the back of the neck, which you close around the zipper. A friend can help you.
  10. Stretch part 2: Jump, walk, knee grab, and further stretching.

Pro Tips:

  • Take your time
  • Use gloves, or make sure you trim your fingernails
  • Ensure you’re 100% dry
  • Use a bag and a chair (if possible)
  • Put on in the shade so you’re not sweating

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